About photography

Maciek Macak Photography

“As complex as it seems, photography is a simple phenomenon
requiring only light-sensitive material inside a dark box

and a hole with a shutter.
As the shutter opens, light streams through the lens,

exposing a piece of film or a digital sensor to the image outside the box.
Thanks to that exposure, the once-fleeting light becomes a photograph,
rendered in precise detail and preserved for all posterity. 

The exact exposure depends on the shutter speed,
which can last as short as 1/2500th of a second to as long as several hours.
A faster shutter speed captures faster action

but requires more light and therefore a larger opening
—or aperture—which shortens the field of focus.
Conversely, a slower shutter speed needs a much smaller aperture

to capture the same amount of light,
though this also exposes the camera to the image for a longer time,
making the stars look like lines drawn across the sky
or a waterfall look like a solid white curtain draped from a giant’s towel rack.
Of course, a proper exposure is a matter of balance
— too much time in bright light, and the photograph will wash out.
Not enough time in the darkness, and the world will be nothing but shadows.”


About Me

I have a B.F.A. in photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I have over 20 years of photographic experience in portraiture, family, wedding, advertising, glamour, and fine art. 
I have exhibited my art internationally.

I have worked for the past 25 years at several major ad agencies as the photographer, photo editor, retouched, prepress specialist and creative director overseeing final graphic and photographic sign off for major consumer brands.  I can oversee the entire workflow, from image acquisition to the finished product: album, prints, web album, etc.

In my day to day photographic work I’m not only aesthetically driven but technologically savvy.

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