COVID-19 Update

Here are a few things I’ll be doing to keep my portrait and headshot business healthy and safe:
  1. I will be wearing a CLOTH MASK at all times to keep you safe. Obviously, you cannot wear a mask in photographs, but you must bring one out of respect for the larger community, and have it handy for walking between locations. Directing you through the mask will be interesting — I’m fully prepared for you to laugh at me! 
  2. Financial transactions will move to all ON-LINE invoicing so there’s no need to exchange money, cards or touch phones.
  3. Retainers will continue to be fully transferable. If you wake up feeling even slightly off (please monitor your temperature and sense of smell, etc. and I will be doing the same), we can EASILY RESCHEDULE until after you’re feeling well again. Your health and safety have always been, and will continue to be my top priority. 
  4. I love shooting with a long lens for its optical qualities in portraiture. What this means is that I actually can’t frame you in the photo if we are any closer than 6-8’ AWAY from each other. That’s the CDC guideline, and I can work at a farther distance if requested. The good news is that I am already comfortable setting clients at ease at this PHYSICAL DISTANCE, and direct comfortably from here as well. 
  5. Natural, outdoor light has always been, and will continue to be my go to choice for flattering light. This means sessions will not be in confined studios, but will continue to be OUTSIDE IN FRESH AIR. (incidentally, HERE is a great article by Immunology professor Erin Bromage explaining viral transmission and why outdoor exposure is unlikely to lead to disease transmission) 
  6. I will only be directing adjustments verbally rather than touching/moving things like your hair and clothing for you. Please have your phone’s selfie camera available as it will be helpful for hair adjustments, etc. 
  7. Personal branding and headshot session proofs are DELIVERED ON-LINE, so you can review and make your selections from the safety of your home. I’ll edit your final choices from the safety of my studio and you’ll receive your finished product electronically as well. 
  8. I’m a perpetual hand washer, and will arrive with HAND SANITIZER! 
  9. I’m planning on scheduling blocks of time between clients to minimize any potential for cross-contamination between sessions. My goal is to limit sessions to two per day, and 10 in person sessions per week.
  10. In the spirit of “safe physical distancing” I’m doing a hard pause on hand-shaking and hugs. I promise you will receive only a safely distant, but still very warm “virtual embrace” with my smile and camera instead! Hopefully you’ll still feel how much I appreciate you!
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I have a B.F.A. in photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.  I have over 20 years of photographic experience in portraiture, family, wedding, advertising, glamour and fine art.

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